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Should You Worry About Your Hair Loss?

It is very common and natural to lose at least 100 strands of hair every day. Science says that hair grows back very fast and this normal hair loss would definitely not lead to baldness because for every hair that is lost there is a new strand that grows up the next day. Hair almost grows up always. But there is specific types of hair loss problems like pattern baldness that can lead to hair loss without a compensation; yes, such problems have no immediate or natural remedies without human intervention. When you start losing more hair every day, it means that you are slowly drifting into one of the severe problems of hair loss which might even lead to baldness.

Of course, you have some covering up methods like sprays, colors etc that would make up for this defect in you but these are of course not permanent solutions nor a magic potion that would help you with the desired results of seeing your hair grow back. Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women. Generally, hair grows from the hair follicles every month and stays there for three years until there is another new strand growing on the same spot. This is when the old one gets pushed out from that spot which is nothing but the loss of that hair. But over a period of time, this might become severe and the spots might become bald spots allowing no more hair to grow and this is when we start developing problems like baldness.

Generally, in men, it starts from the front and sometimes from the center of the head; while in women the hair in the middle part starts becoming thin. So unless and otherwise, you fall into these categories of extremities, you need not have to worry about hair loss or baldness. Stay happy and be happy, your hair will also grow happily.…

Blog Hair Treatment

My frizzy disaster 

There is a time when my hair would never do what I wanted it to. I used to battle with it on a daily basis using all sorts of products and they never seemed to work. I went through hundreds of products and I never seemed to get the lush look I used to see in the health and fitness magazines. I loved Beyoncé and Cristine Aguilera who were my icons who were always so fit and healthy with amazing bodies the made my want to keep looking until I found something that made me look like them.

There are loads of hair products and for those who understand what it is like to have frizzy hair it is not surprising to hear this. I used to wake up in the morning and when standing in the mirror look at my frizzy hair and wonder how the hell am I going to tackle this? I used to tug, comb, spray, brush and then layer some hair products on that would make my hair feel awful and I knew I needed to find some solution.

I went around for 9 years with a Frizzing-disaster and all for nothing, until one day my friend was discussing her latest hot oil treatment that she was using for her clients to improve the quality of the skin, which also included hair, scalp and overall vitality of the face. This was sounding all well and good, but underneath I knew this wouldn’t work for me. After explaining how this wouldn’t work for me, she handed me a bottle to try and said if I like I can pay for it at a later date.

I was AMAZED to find out what this did for my hair and with my first application I noticed that is made my dry hair moist and smooth, silky and lovely to touch. Then my dry scalp was no longer itchy and all this was begging to get exciting. I was amazed to find that my curls and frizzy hair became less and less frizzy. Could it be true I was saying to myself is this the miracle product for my hair I have been looking for? Yes, it was and to this day this hot oil is the perfect choice for me.…