Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

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Is mild usage of alcohol a disorder? Can a person have a drinking problem but not be an alcoholic? If a person is an alcoholic, what are the dangers of alcohol abuse? There might be many versions of answers to questions like the above. But the truth is that there is no official diagnosis for alcoholism but it is considered as a severe disorder.

There are guidelines for both men and women on the allowed amount of alcohol. The guideline tells about the safe level of intake of alcohol without developing an alcohol use disorder. But there are also people who should not consume even a small amount of alcohol. In general, if alcohol is consumed beyond a certain level, it poses health risks. Here are some of the dangers/risks of alcoholism.


A person drinking too much might cause harm to himself or to others. Drinking increases the danger of getting injured or even killed. Alcohol is an important factor when it comes to fatal injuries, drowning, suicides and murders. Motor Accidents, fatal falls, and sexual assaults are also majorly because of alcohol addiction.

Health Issues

People who are alcohol addicts are more prone to liver disease, heart problems, depression, stomach ailments, sleep disorders, strokes and certain types of cancer. They also have a problem in managing certain health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure and more.

Birth Defects

When a mother is addicted to drinking during pregnancy, the child will have serious developmental problems and sometimes, might even lead to brain damage. It is better for the carrying mother to stay away from alcohol during the pregnancy period.


Alcohol use disorder is a medical condition that causes harm to the patient. It is better to see a doctor if you or your family member is troubled by the drinking habit. Alcohol use disorders are diagnosed by doctors and can be treated. The earlier the better.

Other than the above dangers, alcoholism also poses many personal problems. It is always better to get treated and get help for the problem at the earliest level possible.